Monday, August 10, 2015

Worst. Week. Ever.

As for this healthy living business, I’m at my best when things are calm and normal, when I can stay focused on consuming healthy vittles and carving out an hour or two for exercising.

I’ll often eat the same breakfast, same lunch, do the same workout (I know, I know… mix it up!). My simple brain tells me to stay in my good groove and positive results will occur.

For 75 days (give or take a day), I’ve found that good groove and have seen success on the scale, success in the way my clothes fit and success in the reflection of the sexy beast that stares back at me in the mirror.

Then this happened…

A 150-year-old pecan tree in our back yard fell down in the middle of the night during a terrible storm. It knocked in the chicken house (full of chickens), flattened our shed and took out our fence in several spots. Thankfully, no one was hurt and even the chickens made it out alive and clucking.

Then our oldest and bestest dog got bit by a snake while out on a trail ride in the country. The vet wanted to put her on a $3,000 anti-venom treatment but another vet friend told us that it was probably too late for the treatment to do any good. For better or worse, she was on her own.*

* Spoiler alert: she got better after 48 hours or so.

While my wife was at the vet with the dog, I found a still figure on our living room floor. The dogs had caught a wild baby bunny last week; my wife rescued her and she and my daughter Pisa spent the past week feeding her pet milk from a syringe and nursing her back to health. They were on the verge of releasing her when she somehow escaped her pen and was caught by the other dogs. Sorry, poor Bun-Bun.

So I’m typing these words, half expecting lightning to strike me in the face before I manage to finish this post. It’s been a brutally tough week.

So I remember what Winston Churchill said, “When you are going through hell, keep on going. Never never never give up.”

But then I also remember that Winston Churchill could’ve stood to lose a pound or two.


Last week’s weight: 247.0 lbs
This week’s weight: 246.7 lbs
Loss:  .3 lbs

Total loss since re-start: 30.1 lbs


  1. That truly is the worst week ever! There's only one direction things can go from there.

  2. Yikes, glad no one was hurt but what a mess to deal with now! And glad your dog got better! We had a dog once who swallowed a razor blade, and the emergency vet wanted over $2,000 to operate. We said no thanks and brought him home-next day he passed the darn thing on his own and was totally fine! Dogs and cats are remarkably resilient, which helps offset the utterly stupid things they do all the time :)

  3. I will do my best to not complain my weeks because they are wonderful compared to that week of yours. Hope things improve and you can get everything taken care of from the tree damage.

  4. Jack, thinking of you and yours. Take care. This week will be much better. I mean, really, there's a super good chance of it being remarkably better. Hang tough, my friend.

  5. Definitely not a great week! Hope things are better this week, Jack!

  6. Wow, that's awful. You might want to consider wrapping yourself in bubble wrap for a few days! ;)

  7. Gee! I have been whining and complaining for weeks thinking I was having the worst days just because I keep on having to kick the butt of the contractor working on my house (like that isn't perfectly normal for the industry). I have also been eating everything in sight as I compose my rants endlessly in my head. Actually one thing they are fixing is the minor damage done when I tree fell on my garage.
    Good luck with the adventures!!

  8. That really is a horrible week Jack! I'm so sorry for all your stress but very glad everyone (other than poor Bun-Bun) is okay.

    And even with all that, you still managed to lose! Churchill's got nothing on you. Except for all those extra pounds. He was quite the butterhuffer.

  9. Oh, my goooodnesss! It's amazing you could fit all of that into one little week.

    You sure did earn that !/3 of a pound. It's like 30 pounds in disaster weight...or something like that.

    Ordinary and boring is looking pretty good right about now, I'd think.


  10. But 30 pounds total is fantastic!! Sorry to hear about your week and I'm glad nobody was hurt.

    And thanks for the inspiration, today marks my first week with myfitnesspal and I lost 4 lbs =-)

    1. That's how I'm looking at it, too. Thanks for the kind words and WTG on the kick-ass weigh-in!



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