Monday, August 3, 2015

I’m Going Down, Down, Down

I wish I understood why sometimes we start and stumble.

I wish I understood why sometimes we start and stop.

I wish I understood why sometimes we start and soar.


Last week’s weight: 249.1 lbs
This week’s weight: 247.0 lbs
Loss:  2.1 lbs

Total loss since re-start: 29.8 lbs


  1. I wish I knew, too, Jack. For the longest time, I've asked every person who has struggled with WL, then "caught" and succeeded--what the key was...what made the difference...what flipped the switch.

    I've never gotten an answer that held. Meaning, of the very few people who were sure they had the key, every single one of them have regained. And now, they are also asking and wish they knew.

    If you find out, let me know.

    1. Deb,

      Hoping Jack doesn't mind if I answer you! I've lost more than a 100 lbs and kept it off for many years. It was brutally difficult for me so I swore to myself that when I reached my goal, I would not put myself through that process again. I think that has been the key or difference for me. I am to lazy to re-lose so I know I have to maintain!

      The only other difference is that when I eat off plan, I get right back on with the next meal. Otherwise, it's really easy to let the overeating snowball.

  2. Go Jack Go. A*M*A*Z*I*N*G !!! Good job.

  3. It is one of the mysteries of life. We are such experts on weight loss, yet our own selves fool our own selves and we stall and sputter and re-gain, then smarten up again...I'm glad you smartened up again, Jack, it feels good to have that scale as a friend. Thanks for sharing!


  4. grasp grasp grasp........ trying to grab onto your coat tails ....

  5. You're doing just great Jack; rooting for you as always!



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