Monday, June 16, 2014

Weight-Loss Tips for Babies

• Switch to skim breastmilk.

• Whenever someone tries to feed you, spit out as much as possible to keep from consuming too many calories.

• Hey, that rattle isn't going to shake itself.

• Supposedly, anything you pick up off the floor has zero calories.

• Request that your parent not give you a baby bottle full of Mountain Dew.

• Try aerobic toddling.

• Cut a hole in bottom of your stroller and swing your legs; it feels just like you're really walking.

• Add chopped kale to your baby food; it's already so bad that you can't make it any worse.

• Count calories (well, when you learn to count, that is).

• Take off your Pampers when weighing in; a loaded diaper can weigh up to 15 lbs!

• Arrange your schedule so that you get up several times throughout the night to scream, fuss and cry; it burns a surprising amount of calories.


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  2. Get your parents to buy you those mops you attach to babies knees, then crawl around the house. Housework and exercise at the same time!

  3. Let your babies crawl in the house. It is always a good idea to allow babies to move here and there, that help them burn calories and it is very good for them in the future also. Remember, don't give them fast foods.

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  4. Too frikkin funny..and that ain't no $hit! :P

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