Thursday, April 21, 2016

Listen to Mother (Goose, That Is)

A Triscuit, A Biscuit

A Triscuit, a biscuit,
Hash browns straight from the skillet.
I used to eat all the things I love, 
But along the way I stopped it.

I stopped it, I stopped it,
I hated to, but I stopped it.
A littler boy was the result,
With smaller clothes in his closet.

Seizure Song

What’s wrong with thou?
Jackie got a new personal trainer.

Skinny, Minny, Miney, Mo

Skinny, minny, miney, mo.
Ordered a pizza without the dough,
Offered a beer, just said “no”
Skinny, minny, miney, mo.


If all the world were apple pie,
And all the sea were Guiness,
And all the trees were bread and cheese,
We’d have no chance at thinness.

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