Monday, February 8, 2016

Welcome to my Super Bowl party!

Neighbor: Ummmmm… am I the first one here?

Jack: No way! Folks have been coming in and out all day.

Neighbor: Well, here… I brought this.

Jack: Thanks! (throws it in trash can)

Neighbor: Ummm… did you just throw my 7-layer dip away?

Jack: Yeah, that’s about four too many layers. This is a healthy Super Bowl party!

Neighbor: A healthy Super Bowl party?

Jack: Yeah, I whipped up a bunch of my world-famous Figs in a Blanket.

Neighbor: I see.

Jack: Over there you got your Swedish Wheatballs, Squash Sliders, Crustless Raw Veggie Pizza and Cottage Cheesecake.

Neighbor: What’s that in the center?

Jack: That’s my Tofu-tball. It’s not what you think it is…

Neighbor: Is it a football made out of tofu?

Jack: Well, that was a pretty lucky guess. I’ve got some games planned, too. Every time an announcer says a team needs to take care of the football, everybody has to do twenty burpees. Say… what? You’ve gotta leave already? Another party to go to? Okay then. Have a healthy Super Bowl Sunday!

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