Friday, July 10, 2015

Hello, My Old Frenemy

Hey, hey… what’s the big deal? 

I was hibernatin’ down here. Whoa… is that wallpaper on the bathroom walls?  Somebody’s been keepin’ themselves biz…. Damn, you’re fat!

Whoa… get your foot offa me, you big galoot! No, no… ouch. Ease up… and howza about putting some pants on, dude? I’m starin’ right at your junk, man. This scale don’t swing that way!

Owwww, owwwwww. Get off of me, lardass! Get off of me right this… oh, is that what you weigh? Oh sh*t!

Anyway, welcome back, Jack. You always crack me up.

Now I’m serious – get off me.

You literally crack me up.


  1. I'm reading blogs again and just stopping by to say hello. I want to see a pic of your feet on the scale for a TRUE accountability of this renewed commitment. Sorry, I'm kinda bossy. Ha ha ha :) Keep on going my friend.

  2. I'm so glad my scale can't talk. Good for you for getting on yours and taking that first step!

  3. Great, now I'll always be worried about my scale staring up at my junk. Do girls even have junk? Only in their trunk? Is it the same junk in a different place, or is that junk different? American language confuses me.



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