Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Forward Health Tips

• Now that it's finally nice out, it's time to put away your tired old excuses ("It's too cold out there to work out") and come up with some fresh new excuses ("Wow, it's too nice outside to work out!")

• It's a little-known fact that children grow faster in spring. The good news? You aren't a child, sweetheart.

• There are lots of butterflies out, which are much healthier to cook with than butter.

• Taking an icy cold shower is energizing, improves circulation and leaves more hot water for me.

• Gardening can provide a high level of activity; however, be prepared to deal with some frustration as well. For example, that packet of Pop Rocks I planted last spring? Nothing. NOTHING!

• The American Podiatric Medical Association issued a report about the dangers of wearing flip-flop sandals. Adverse effects include stubbed toes, rolled or sprained ankles, tendinitis, arch pain and seeing my weird-looking feet.

•Daffodils are basically a zero-calorie food, so eat all you want (but be careful not to eat any of the poison parts).


  1. It's nice out? Have you seen reports out of the Great Lakes State (which, at this point is more a frozen wasteland)??? I'm moving where spring has arrived. It's decided.

    1. Yeah timing is everything Jack! We are all glued to the windows here discussing how far you can see through the snowstorm and yet it is March break and the ice skating rink is packed with people.

  2. We've only just moved into cooler autumn weather after a hot summer here in Australia, and I am grateful for the change! I hope you get some of our warmth over there. I walked for over an hour this morning and didn't get sunburnt! Yay! (I think. Sometimes I don't turn red until later.)

  3. Hello there!

    What an interesting post you got here. I would really agree that gardening can provide a high level of activity. It is really so nice to know that daffodils are zero-calorie food. Thank you for this.



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