Monday, March 31, 2014

I Am a Señor Citizen

Look at me, actually posting from half a world away. I'm taking my wife Anita and two of my daughters on trip to Seville, Spain and doing fantastic job of keeping my healthy living quest alive except for fact that I'm eating too much and consuming too much wine. And sherry!

Can you believe this is healthy?!?

Cathedral de Something-Something. 

My Spanish name is Señor Jack. 

KKK pops? 

Pisa! Olive that girl!

Insert your own "make the bull mad" joke here. 

My Spanish is pretty bad, but I think she said these were zero-calorie. 

Wish you were here. 

Hey, paella!

How many calories does flamenco dancing burn?

I miss you all thiiiiiiiiiiiis much!



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