Monday, March 3, 2014

A Few Diet-y Ditties

• It's considered pretty reckless to eat fish and chips for breakfast.

• If you order the whole menu, I'm gonna unfriend you.

• Dieting's more exhausting if you eat a can of frosting.

• Eat a lot of cheese if you like your pants to squeeze.

• It's hard to lose that pouch if you never leave the couch.

• If you don't eat your vegetables, I'll kick you in the genitals.

• It's okay to eat desserts if you run a marathon first.

• Oh, c'mon... for Pete's sake: don't eat a whole cheesecake.

• An hour on the treadmill will do more good than eating bread will.

• Eat a lot of fries to supersize your thighs.

• Read my blog each day and goof things will come your way (no, no... "good" things. WTF, Autocorrect?)


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