Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Ultimate Guide to Eating Healthy at the Fair

So it was time for my annual outing to take my daughter Pisa and her pals to the fair. Since she's a "give-me-$$$-and-leave-me-alone-teenager" now, I thought I'd use my free time to explore what healthy eating options the fair has to offer...

Now this is going to come as somewhat of a shock to you, but most of the concession stand workers at the fair can't provide reliable calorie counts for what they're peddling. Luckily, there's a simple solution: just print out this post, shrink it down somehow, laminate it and carry it around with you at all times.

Fried Twinkie
425 calories,  34 g fat
More healthy option: Baked Twinkie - 150 calories.

Hog on a Log (bacon-wrapped corn dog)
361 calories, 26 g  fat
More healthy option: Banana on a Bandana - 73 calories

Frozen Cheesecake on a Stick
180 calories, 10 g fat
More healthy option: String cheese on a string - 80 calories

Blooming Onion
1320 calories, 72 g fat
More healthy option: Anything


Deep Fried Snickers Bar
444 calories, 29 g fat
More healthy option: One Hershey's Kiss - 29 calories

Chili Cheese Fries
670 calories, 46 g fat (9 oz)
More healthy option: Eating your own poo

Chocolate-Dipped Twinkie on a Stick
392 calories, 18 g fat
More healthy option: Chocolate-Dipped Stick - 33 calories

Elephant Ears/Funnelcake
760 calories, 44 g fat
More healthy option: Real elephant ear (baked), 125 calories

Turkey Leg
1,136 calories, 54 g fat
More healthy option: Turkey Jerky - 80 calories

Deep Fried Pickles
174 calories, 4 g fat (per pickle)
More healthy option: Duh... regular pickle - 5 calories.

Fried Oreo
232 calories, 14 g fat 
More healthy option: Fried celery sticks - waitaminute... you can fry celery sticks?

Fried Mac-N-Cheese
1528 calories, 65 g fat
More healthy option: One hamperful of raw almonds - 26, 220 calories.
Even healthier option: One handful of raw almonds - 164 calories 

Can of cold, refreshing beer
135 calories
More healthy option: Gimme a break! I'm at the fair! 

Hand Sanitizer
0 calories, 0 g fat
Eat all you want!

So there you go! Have a rockin' good time at the fair,
but just keep in mind that somewhere there's a scale with your name on it...

Note: Calorie and fat counts were done using a combination of internet research and a scientific process known as "guesstimation". Your mileage may vary.


  1. I would have eaten or drank the hand sanitizer. It's pretty filling really ;)

  2. Oh my goodness. We don't have most of this stuff in Australia (I hope).

    Frozen cheesecake on a stick sounds ok though. At least it isn't deep fried (or is it?).

  3. Definitely agree on the beer... you are at the fair. And ha the scale at the end.

  4. So So many calories but by god they are ALL worth it ha ha

  5. Hummm now I know why I don't like going to the fair

    No broccoli anywhere :p

  6. I hear next year's deep fried sensation will be double deep fried anything. Get ready to double-D those calorie counts!

  7. Awesome Post! I even burned an extra 125 calories LaughingMAO...

  8. All so sadly true! The fair is literally just a heart attack waiting to happen!!! Your post though as always cracks me up! A beer and walking around the fair sounds much better than actually eating the stuff! Hope your daughter had a great time!



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