Monday, April 8, 2013

More Offensive Color Names Discovered at Target

Target pulled a plus-sized boner last week when a customer stumbled across something peculiar: a gray plus-size dress was listed as "Manatee Gray" while the same dress in regular sizes was called “Dark Heather Gray.”

It made me curious, so I high-tailed it to Target and found a bunch of other potentially offensive color names in the plus-sized section...

• “Jack Black” Black

• Butterball Beige

• Copper (with Cheese)

• All-You-Can-Eat Amethyst

• Cheesecake Chartreuse

• Sumo Sapphire

• Oprah Orange

• Lard-Ass Lavender

• Paula Deen Green

• Raspberry Buffet

• Yo Mamma Mauve

• Submarine Yellow

• Plump Plum

• Can ‘O Frosting Fushcia

• Pot-bellied Pink

• Rose Fatter

• Rosanne Barr-rown

• Brontosaurus Bronze

• White Don’t You Go on a Diet?


  1. Hey, I would wear Yo Mama Mauve :) Sounds beautiful.

    The Target article about Manatee Gray made me laugh, so I am glad to see someone poking fun at it!

  2. OMG how did I miss that??? Love the bullseye Manatee!

  3. Due to my own hiatus-ish status I missed that you were back! Hooray!!!!!!!!!

    Now I have to remember not to read you while I'm on lunch, because I think I've got a chickpea lodged in one of my sinuses...

  4. HEHE :) Thanks for making me laugh so hard I peed my pants Jack! :)

  5. LMAO oh god thank you for the hard laugh...I needed that.

  6. Ha! Pretty good list, Jack. True story - a few years ago I was shopping a clearance rack at Marshall's and saw a rather large size navy blue dress with an all-over whale pattern. Wonder why no one bought it and also wondered whose idea it was to make it in ANY size. I pictured the conversation at home, "Let's go out to eat, honey. You can wear your whale dress!"

  7. lol i would be so embarrassed if i ever bought a dress named that. LMAO

  8. Pot bellied pink! OMG. That would fit right in :)



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