Monday, August 28, 2017

All new, all different!

Welcome to the ALL-NEW, All-DIFFERENT version of Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit!

What? What's that you say?

Yes, it does look an awful lot like the old version of JSGF, but that's only because redesigning a site takes a lot of time and effort. More specifically, convincing your teenage daughter who's about to start college to redesign your site takes a lot of time and effort.

So what's new?

How about my commitment to reaching my weight loss and healthy living goals? It's never - and I mean NEVER - been higher than it is right now!

Okay, you got me. My commitment level was considerably higher back when I first started this blog. But how in the world could I ever be as committed as that guy. Look at how he described his commitment level back then...

• I am 1,000,000% committed
• I will work 25/8/366 …that’s right, 25 hours a day, eight days a week, 366 days a year (except for Leap Year, in which I will work 367 days!)
• I am so committed, I make a couple’s 50th wedding anniversary look like a first date
• I’m getting a tattoo that says “Desire is the key to motivation, but it's determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal - a commitment to excellence - that will enable you to attain the success you seek” on my ring finger.
• I am infinity times infinity plus infinity committed
• Suicide bombers write to me all the time and ask “Damn, how can I be as committed as you, brother?”
• Consider a breakfast served to you of ham and eggs. The chicken is involved in the breakfast. The pig is committed. I am ten times more committed than that pig.
•When you go to, it would redirect to this blog site if I had had the foresight to buy that domain name a few years ago when it was available.
• If you could see my face right now, you’d see that I’m gritting my teeth in an expression of absolute total commitment.
• I will never, ever give up… and if I do ever give do give up, I promise I will shoot myself in the face with a water gun filled with honey and stick my entire head in a fire ant hole… but I won’t because I will never, ever give up…and if I do, I’ll do the fire ant thing…but I won’t because I just won’t!*

*And if I do, FIRE ANTS!

I think we can all agree that there's such a thing as being TOO committed. That guy had the fire in his belly to get things done, but not the smarts to make certain he didn't fall back into his old ways once he’d met his goals. I may not be as committed as him, but maybe - just maybe - I'm a little smarter. Time will tell...

Until then, enjoy the kinda-new, somewhat-different, sometimes-mostly-the-same Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit. You may not always be entertained or inspired, but... well, let's just leave it at that…


  1. Wishing you all good things with your new commitment. I've been there and done that at least three times in my life. Finally, at age 54, I realized that going back to my old way of eating did not work. Fourteen years later, I'm doing well and keeping the weight off, but it's still a struggle some days. Definitely worth the effort though.

    1. So you learned a year faster than me - EVERYBODY KNOWS MEN LEARN MORE SLOWLY.

  2. That made me chuckle :) Good luck!

  3. Jack, I'm glad you're back and I wish you success. I, too, have regained the weight I lost when I originally started following your blog. I vow to do it all again because, after all, if Jack can do it, anybody can! Good luck, I'm counting on you. Eileen

    1. So was this my fault or yours? I'D REALLY LIKE TO BLAME SOMEBODY ELSE!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, Special K. I need some of my old pals around...



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