Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Millions of Pounds

Once upon a time there was a very fat man who lived with his wife in a nice, somewhat-clean house. But he couldn’t be happy because he was so very fat.

“If only I could lose a pound!” sighed the very fat man.

“A pound?” asked the wife.

“Yes, a sweet little fluffy pound,” said the very fat man.

“You can lose a pound, my dear,” said the wife.

And he set out over the hills to look for one pound. He climbed over thesunny hills. He trudged through the cool valleys. He walked a
long, long time and over the days and weeks and months to come, he lost many pounds.  

Pounds here, pounds there,
Kilos and pounds, everywhere,
Hundreds of pounds,
Thousand of pounds,
Millions and billions and trillions of pounds.

“Oh,” cried the very fat man sorrowfully, “I don’t get it. I’ve lost so many pounds, but I still seem to be overweight.”

“How much have you lost?” asked his wife.

“Hundreds of pounds, thousands of pounds, millions and billions…”

“Yeah, yeah, I get it, Jack,” said the wife. “Apparently you’re gaining them back as fast as you lose them.”

“Oh… maybe I should do something about that…”

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