Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Weight-Loss Ditties for the Wee Little Children

Bah, Bah, Jack Sh*t

Fat, fat Jack Sh*t,
Have you any food?
Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full!
One fulla Wheat Thins,
One fulla cheeses,
And one full of cookies
What do I weigh? Sweet Jesus!
Bah, bah, Jack Sh*t,
Have you learned your lesson?
Yes sir, yes sir,
Bein’ overweight’s depressin’!

The Healthyman

Who can wake at sunrise,
Put on a running shoe?
Slip on the other one and then go jog a mile or two?
The healthyman, the healthyman can,
The healthyman can cause he knows exercise
Will make his body feel good.

A Triscuit, A Biscuit

A Triscuit, a biscuit,
Hash browns straight from the skillet.
I used to eat all the things I love, 
But along the way I stopped it.

I stopped it, I stopped it,
I hated to, but I stopped it.
A littler boy was the result,
With smaller clothes in his closet.

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