Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine Reading List

Hungry for Love 
by Anna Recksiek

A Red Hot Affair with the Candyman
 by Bess Eaton

Lust in the Lockerroom 
by Earl Lee Riser

A Recipe for Ecstasy 
by Russell Sprout

Really Hot Yoga: Downward Doggy-Style 
by Ben Dover

Low-Fat Arousal 
by Eddie Bull

I Desperately Want You, But I’ve Still Got 20 Minutes on the Elliptical
by Howie Doohan

Too Much Passion, Too Many Calories 
by Marsha Mellow

I Lost Enough for Him to Sweep Me Off My Feet 
by Kenya Dewit

Silk Stockings and Worn-Out Running Shoes 
by Ophelia Payne

The Rendezvous Without Fondue 
by Eaton Wright and Liv Good

To My Health’s Desire 
by Brock Lee

Low-Fat Infatuation 
by Chris Coe

Salmon Chanted Evening 
by Al K. Seltzer

Deep Lunges with My Personal Trainer 
by Tad Moore

A Date with Density 
by Chris P. Bacon

Romance and Tight Pants 
by Hugh Jass

No More Screwing Around (Well, Except for You-Know-What) 
by Walter Melon

Pre-Weigh Foreplay 
by Brighton Early

A Little Amour, A Little-a Less 
by Biff Wellington

Things Are About to Get Really Spicy (Since I Learned That Cooking With Cayenne Pepper Dramatically Increases Metabolism) 
by Jack Tupp


  1. Yeah, it's difficult to get horizontal on the elliptical. :o It's not a bicycle built for two.

  2. "Salmon Chanted Evening" lol

    That reminds me of a silly joke: What does the thesaurus eat for breakfast?

    Synonym Rolls

    1. First rule of blog commenting: DO NOT BE FUNNIER THAN ME!!!!!!

  3. I agree. I don't know why they haven't done so already.



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