Wednesday, July 27, 2016

PagerTag Wireless Key Finder Review

Jack: Hi Betty. I lost that thing… y’know, that thing you sent me to review.

Betty: You lost it?

Jack: Well, it could have gotten stolen…

Betty: Jack?

Jack: Ummmm… I lost it.

Betty: It took me three days to walk you through the activation code to order it on Amazon.

Jack: I’m a blogger, not a rocket science worker guy!

Betty: Jack…

Jack: Look, I know it’s annoying, but…


Jack: I thought it was a Beet Finder.

Betty: No, I told you I’m a representative of Beets BLU company. We produce electronics with Bluetooth Smart support.

Jack: That’s funny; I bought some beets last week and now I can’t find them anywhere.

Betty: They told me you were the world’s laziest blogger, but I hadn’t heard that you were irresponsible as well.

Jack: Lazy? Listen, there are a lot of folks who’ll just get somebody to cut and paste product information into a blog post review. Well, I cut and paste all the product information into a blog post review myself!

Betty: Good lord….

Jack: See: PagerTag is a cool and simple device that can:
·       Keep track of your valuables (keys, wallets, suitcase, laptop bag, backpack - whatever is tagged with PagerTag)
·       Detect the proximity of lost or forgotten items wirelessly
·       Alert you when your item shifts outside of a connection range (about 15 feet/5 meters)
·       Send sounds and enable an LED light to alert you
·       Save the battery life using Bluetooth Low Energy protocol
·       Save you a lot of time and anxiety
·       Can be used as Android Trusted Device for automatic screen unlock (Android 5.0 or later required)
You can always rely on this tiny smart device.
No more valuables left behind.

Betty: So, that’s your review?

Jack: No, that is NOT my review. Do you see where I’ve given it up to ONE MILLION STARS yet? Well, do you?

Betty: Well, no…

Jack: I give the TagerPage wireless key finder…

Betty: PagerTag!

Jack: I give the PagerTag wireless key finder ONE MILLION STARS! It is available for purchase here. No wait…. Try clicking here. Why is it so freakin’ difficult for me to create hyperlinks?

Betty: Can I help? It’s available here.

Jack: And that’s how you do a review, my friend.

Betty:   dial tone –

Jack: Hello. Hello? Got anything else for me to review?

Note: Beets BLU did not compensate me for writing this review.

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