Monday, April 6, 2015


Six years.

Yes, I’ve been blogging for longer than many of you have been alive (can I help it if my blog is really popular with the pre-Kindergarten crowd?).

You’ve seen me at my best, at my worst and… ummm… at my most middle.

You’ve seen me crow about my accomplishments.

You’ve seen me sulk about my setbacks.

Up in the clouds.

Down in the dumps.

You’ve excused my bad behavior and even worse jokes.

You’ve encouraged me to keep at it even when I’d rather throw in the not-sweated-on towel.

Your good advice has often kept me from going astray (how was I supposed to know that participating in a hot-dog-eating contest would make me gain weight?).

The blogging landscape has undergone quite a change since I started oh-so-long ago. Folks are more spread out, drawn to the twinkly lights of easier-to-digest media platforms.

But I’m pretty proud of the fact that I’m still here, plugging away.

And if I help just one person take one step closer to their healthy living goals, well… YES, THAT’S A PRETTY SUCKY RETURN ON MY TIME AND EFFORT.

But I’ll keep doing it anyway.


  1. Congrats on the Milestone! I originally found your blog sometime around December 2009. Keep plugging away, I enjoy what you put out there.

  2. Happy birthday, Jack! I turned 6 this past January. Whew! I can't believe it's been that long. Yes, the blogging landscape has changed so much, but I hear 50 years is the magic number so let's keep going????????

  3. Happy Blogging Birthday Jack. Happy to have crossed paths in the blogosphere with ya.

  4. Wow man that's impressive! Six years in blogging years, you are a great-great-grandfather! No wonder the pre-Kindergarten follows you.

    Love this: "not-sweated-on towel"

    To your next 6 years Jack

  5. Happy Aniversary Jack! I've enjoyed your blog tremendously and it's given me many laughs.

  6. I've been blogging nearly five years now. If I keep going, I'll catch up to you one day!

    1. No, dummy; you'll always be a year behind. DON'T YOU KNOW HOW MATH WORKS?

  7. Glad you hear for a chuckle when I need it.

  8. Congrats on your 6 year blogiversary!

  9. You do make a difference with your blog so keep it up. I need your bad jokes like I need donuts. Guilty pleasures!

  10. Your blog is great Jack! It's definitely inspired me! Here is to 6 more years!

  11. Happy birthday, Jack! Here's to another 6 (or 60) years!

  12. wow six years!!! You were one of the blogs that inspired me to start blogging! Thank you and let's keep going! There aren't many of us left from 5-6 years ago!



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