Friday, April 3, 2015

Losing Ass, Taking Names

I make no bones about it: blogging has been an instrumental part in my getting-more-healthy plans.

I get more than my fair share of support from the masses with fat asses, so I like to return the favor when I can.

So… tell me about you and your blog (if you have one). Where are you on your journey? Any big (or little) successes along the way that you'd care to share? What setback (or speed bump) is slowing you down?

And thanks again for supporting me the way you do (if you do) and for helping keep me interested in what I’m trying to do.


  1. 11 pounds down, steady as she goes. However, my blog is much more boring than yours, Jack.

  2. Well thank you Jack to give us the opportunity of doing our sale pitch. :)

    I'm a 55 years old man, I have been "lightly" obese for a long time. I decided to get in a normal weight at the beginning of February. I'm lucky because I don't have to lose hundreds of pound. I have to lose 65 lbs. In 2 months, I lost 25 pounds.

    Like you, I take every thing with a grain of salt (not literally), it's so much easier with humor. I can't say I had any setbacks yet! To me it is not a struggle, I do every thing different than any other time before, and its working! THe main thing for me, I am working on my mental, I took control of my life and I'm not listening to what I want, only listening to what I need.

    If you want to check me out:

  3. I've been blogging for nearly five years now and I'm about the same weight as when I started. So where am I in my journey? In one of those revolving doors, I think, round and round. One of these days I will slingshot away to victory.

  4. I'm not really a blogger, I'm just here for the Bud Light.

  5. Hey remember me? Alan at Foolsfitness

    I just counted six years on my april fools started foolsfitness blog. In the journey I've seen near 400 and two hundred somethings. Currently I'm up 7 pounds for the start of the blog six years ago. But it's not wasted time. I'm learning and growing...( well sometimes growing the wrong ways but-)

    Lately the refocus is playing with the times I eat, spreading them more evenly... making choices of eating meals that are NOT cheese curls oreos and a beer. <yes, an actual meal I have had!

    Well, pop by if you can. HAPPY EASTER!!!! I will save you an egg at my blog if I can!

    Don't forget at foolsfitness we WILL mug that bunny for those wonderful chocolate eggs!- Alan

  6. Im just here for the ass KICKING.
    does that mean Im at the wrong blog?!

  7. Hi Jack. I have been blogging for seven + years, but not specifically about weight-loss. I didn't decide to shed a few pounds until four years ago when my blood pressure started creeping up, and I had persistent heartburn. The doc didn't care a whit about the blood pressure, just said we would keep an eye on it and medicate if it keep going up. And meds for the heartburn. Screw that, I thought. I am doing something about my health! I have lost a lot and gained back some, and now that I have had carrot cake for breakfast, I am ready to fight again! BTW, my mother-in-law reads my blog, and makes these snark little comments about what I eat...IN REAL LIFE. So I don't say too much about my struggles on the old blog anymore. Thank you for your blog, it keeps us smiling, and it IS encouraging that there are other fighters out there!!


  8. Well, you know all about me Jack so no secrets here... hard work all thru life! No magic pill. :) I do have a newer Truth2beingfit FB page separate from my personal one! :)

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