Monday, August 12, 2013

You Can Call Me Jack

A man steps on the scale, 

He says, “Why am I soft in the middle now?
Why am I soft in the middle?
Losing weight is so incredibly hard! 

I need a body-intervention,
I want a rejuvenation! 

Don’t want to end up a lard-ass, 

Express lane to the graveyard.” 

Grown bigger, grown bigger
Chips in the moonlight. 

Far away, my weight-loss goal.

Mr. Beerbelly, Beerbelly, 

Get these snacks away from me! 

You know, I’m sick being outta control.


f I can get my body fit,
I can get my mojo back! 

You can quit callin’ me Fatty,
And Fatty, when you call me,

You can call me Jack! 

A man jogs down the street, 

He says, "Why am I short of breath now? 

Got a short little five kilometer,
But whoa, my run feels so long! 

Where’s my wife and family?
Oh, they’re way up ahead.
Who’ll give me a ride home
Now that my will to run is… 

Gone ...... gone?
Why must I dilly-dally, 

On this roly-poly, little slow-paced jog. 

All along .... along .... 

There were incidents and accidents,
(Should've hit the restroom first, I suppose) ..... 

But If I get my body fit, 

And I get my mojo back 

Please don’t call me Fatty, 

And Fatty, when you call me, 

You can call me Jack!
Call me Jack ...... 


You can call me Jack ......


  1. LOL Jack. Wait, I thought you wanted me to call you "Jock?"You are still working out, right??

  2. Lol! A creative and wonderful rehash of one of my favorite songs. Loved it.

  3. Good post Jack. This song sure brings back memories.
    Hope your weight loss is going in the direction you
    want it to. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I'll be honest Jack, this one cracked me up lol LOVE IT!



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