Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Should You Try to Lose Weight?

Pro: You feel better and wake up each day with more energy and vitality.
Con: You no longer get full value at all-you-can-eat buffet.

Pro: Can run several miles without stopping.
Con: Used to be able to fall to sleep more easily (basically, any time you sat down)

Pro: Don’t have to buy strangely branded clothes in plus-size stores.
Con: Lot of coupons for Hostess snack products just sitting there going to waste.

Pro: Blood pressure and cholesterol numbers reduced.
Con: Gravy no longer available at every meal.

Pro: Prevention of Type 2 diabetes.
Con: Require more water when you take a bath.

Pro: Probability that you’ll live longer.
Con: More stinky laundry from workout wear.

Pro: Less self-conscious at the beach.
Con: Constant compliments about how good you look might start to make you feel uncomfortable.

Pro: Better *boom chaka boom boom*
Con: Ass groove in sofa might no longer be quite as comfortable.

Pro: No longer disgusted when you see my reflection in mirror.
Con: Miss relationship you had with guy that owns Chinese restaurant on the corner.

Pro: Fun trying to get to the end of the treadmill.
Con: No more fun trying to get to the end of Olive Garden’s "Bottomless Breadstick Basket".

Pro: Fewer health problems.

Con: Have kick-ass health insurance program and no opportunity to use it.


  1. Love your facebook post snippet thingy that leads to the blog article thingy. Or is it click-bait? You caught me! :D

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